Because the majority of our volunteers and staff members are active First Responders their names will not be listed. The only time names will be used on this site is if there is a signed waiver releasing the information to Unsung Heroes, INC.

Unsung Heroes, INC  First Responder Charity based in St. Louis, Missouri

Our Mission:

Unsung Heroes, INC’s mission is to unite public safety personnel and the community for the one common goal; providing support through fundraising for those in the public safety profession that has been injured serving the community. 

About Us:

​​Unsung Heroes, INC. is a young, growing organization. Unsung Heroes has been around since May 2009, but has been on the founder’s heart since he first started at the police academy.

“Giving back is really what it’s all about,” said Jason, President & Founder of Unsung Heroes. “It’s about making ourselves available for those families who have suffered.”

Heart and brotherhood is the driving force for all of the staff and volunteers for Unsung Heroes. When a first responder’s life is lost it affects everyone; the community, their co-workers and of course their families. Unsung Heroes is here to lend a helping hand financially and emotionally for families. We welcome any members from the First Responder community including: police officers, firefighters, paramedics, EMT and Federal Agents who are serving in continental U.S to join our cause.

“Everyone who works with us is giving back to the community. They are making the lives of fallen heroes’ families less of a burden and are providing support for other First Responders,” said Josh, Unsung Heroes Vice President.

Unsung Heroes cordinates fundraisers that are geared toward helping any First Responders who have been severally injured or have given the ultimate sacrifice while protecting and serving in their communities. We are a fundraising organization with a heart and passion for those in need. Unsung Heroes has and will continue to team up with other local charities with volunteers to help raise money for their respected organizations. We are committed to helping those who serve and protect our communities on a daily basis.

If you would like to host or suggest a fundraiser for Unsung Heroes please go to the Contact Us page and let us know!