Unsung Heroes, INC  First Responder Charity based in St. Louis, Missouri

Police Officer Prayer:

When I start my tour of duty
Wherever crimemay be,
as Iwalkthe darkened streets alone,
Let me be closeto thee.
Please give meunderstanding
with both the young andold.
Let melisten withattention until their story's told.
Let me never make a judgment
in arash orcallousway,
but let meholdmy patiencelet eachman
have his say.
Lordif some dark and dreary night,
I mustgivemy life,
Lord,with your everlastingLove
protectmy children and my wife.

 Fireman's Prayer:

​ When I am called to
duty, God
flames may rage
 Give me
strength to save a life
 Whatever be its age.

 Let me embrace a little child
 Before it is too
 Or save an older person from
horror of that fate.

 Enable me to be alert
 And hear the weakest shout,
quickly and efficiently
 To put the fire out.

 I want to fill my calling
 To give the best in me,
 To guard my friend and neighbor
 And protect their property.

​ And, if, according to Your will,
 I have to lose my life,
 Please bless, with your protecting hand,
 My family and my wife.